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Basket Weave Pom Beanie

Basket Weave Pom Beanie

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A cute knit beanie with an Off-White faux fur pom and a Cream-creased trim. The Basket Weave Pom Beanie's name perfectly describes the all-over woven patterner design this little number features.

Woven into the creamy off-white fabric is a Mushroom thread that creates a Basket Weave-like pattern. Mushroom is a Mid-tone Brown, with some gray in the background. The brown hue is dominate, but there is just enough gray to keep it from reading as too brown or taupe. Basically the combination of the Creamy Off-White and Mushroom shades make this beanie a muted neutral dream. Not to mention how soft and cozy it feels.  


*Comes with a FREE Removable CACTI & CAMO Pin while Pin supplies last*

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